Ai-powered newswires:
Re-wiring journalism to deliver tailored, lightning-fast content.

Breaking news filters to suit all titles, no matter how niche, delivering engaging stories ready for publication. Save time and enhance quality with our bespoke news filtering. 

Elevate your business with thought-leadership content. Drive conversations with pre-trending news, delivered in your brand’s voice to any platform.

Equip journalists with swift, compelling articles tailored to their expertise. Draft impactful stories faster and with less effort.

A complimentary service for PR professionals to amplify their press releases. Ensure your news is seen by all our editor, journalists and content makers.

AI-filtered feeds: A Revolution in curation

AI news content at Noah is not about scraping copy. It originates from real stories told by real people, transformed through AI to deliver mind-blowing articles and images, in seconds. Tailored to fit any white-label product or news feed, our news is instantly filtered, graded, contextualised, and categorised – surpassing the speed of traditional journalism in every language worldwide, including Welsh.

Unmatched Quality

Noah consistently ranks top in the UK for writing and content, according to Beehive’s reader analysis. Surpassing national competitors and pushing The Guardian to second, we’re leading a revolution in journalism. Allow us to construct a news platform or feed for you, customised in any language, tone, or specialty.

Safety: Gold Standard in News Verification

Noah aims to set the benchmark for news accuracy with:

Frequently asked questions

No. With the latest AI technology advancements, the content is indistinguishable from other sources. In Beehive reader assessments, we routinely outperform all mainstream media in the UK.

Yes. Our writing is routinely tested and has never been flagged as AI-generated.

AI-generated content aims for accuracy, but like any human writing, occasional errors can occur. We refine our models and incorporate editorial reviews to minimize these. Treat our content as a draft, similar to any journalist’s copy; errors are fewer, but any found can be easily corrected using our editing suite.

Our verification procedures surpass most newspapers. We provide links to source data for transparency. Our AI is trained on extensive, current datasets, ensuring factual accuracy. All content undergoes a verification process against credible sources.

Absolutely. Our AI adapts to various styles and tones, from formal to casual, according to client specifications. You can also tailor the audience type, ensuring content resonates with specific groups, like medical professionals.

Yes, it’s optimized for search engines, incorporating relevant keywords to enhance web visibility. You can specify SEO terms to be included, ensuring they’re woven into the content effectively.

We follow ethical guidelines and use bias detection algorithms to ensure content neutrality. However, we recognize some clients prefer content reflecting their audience’s viewpoints, which we can accommodate while ensuring respectful coverage.

AI offers scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, allowing publishers to produce quality content quickly without sacrificing quality.

Integration is straightforward, compatible with most content management systems. We provide support and easy-to-use software for seamless integration and publishing.

The future is bright, with advancements making content generation more sophisticated and versatile. AI is poised to revolutionize content creation, distribution, and consumption, fostering innovation and creativity.

No. Our service enhances news reporting but can’t replace deep investigative work, thought pieces, or interviews. AI can free journalists to focus on quality, value-added work.

Frequently asked questions

Ivan Massow


Ivan Massow is a renowned entrepreneur known for establishing and growing numerous high-profile businesses. As the CEO of Noah AI, he is actively involved in driving innovation in journalism. At Cambridge University’s Judge Business School and the Whittle Lab, he focuses on nurturing and guiding talented individuals, transforming innovative technologies into successful business ventures. Ivan has held leadership positions in various charities and organisations, including the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Prince’s School of Traditional Art, the South of England Agricultural Society, and Action for Children.

Joao Soares


Joao Soares, Chief Technology Officer and significant contributor in the field of AI technology and prompt engineering, perfecting trending algorithms form large national titles such as the Telegraph.
Joao possesses strong expertise in Java Programming and Front-End development, skills that have been crucial in developing prominent online news sites internationally. His extensive experience in the AEM space reflects his ongoing professional growth and expertise in technology.