Your unique copy and voice

We stand distinct from other news agencies because we craft content exclusively for you. We recognise that each publication not only has its own tone of voice but also wants to avoid using second-hand copy that may be found elsewhere.

That’s precisely why we offer the unparalleled ability to customise not only the content but also the tone and length of each article. This ensures that the news you publish resonates with your brand’s unique voice and style, and is created specifically for you.

Tailored excellence Bespoke content

Bespoke content, unrivalled Originality

Our edge lies in our dedication to providing entirely bespoke pieces of writing. With Editor’s Friend, the worry of finding duplicated content in other publications is a thing of the past. Each article you receive is uniquely crafted for you – a piece that won’t be recognised anywhere else. This exclusivity is crucial, not just for maintaining originality but for preserving your publication’s unique identity.

No Need for rewrites

The tailored nature of our service means that the content we deliver is ready to publish, seamlessly fitting into your publication’s narrative. There’s no need for time-consuming rewrites or adjustments. The content is customised to your specifications from the outset, saving you valuable time and resources while upholding a high standard of journalistic integrity.

Faster, more economical, and thoroughly verified

The Editor’s Friend is not only about providing content that is quicker and more cost-effective than other news agencies. We are committed to ensuring that every piece of work is thoroughly verified and includes all necessary references. This rigorous process ensures the authenticity and reliability of the content we deliver.

Exclusively yours

Every article you publish will be unmistakably yours, a reflection of your brand’s unique perspective and voice. we are powered by Noah AI which means you’re not just keeping up in the news game; you’re leading it with content that is distinctly and exclusively your own.