Eliminating the possibility of fake news

We are committed to setting a new standard in news authenticity and quality which is why all of our news is verified twice.

Our unique approach is what sets us apart in an era where the line between real and fake news is increasingly blurred. Unlike traditional AI content creators who rely on generic GPT-wrappers, Editor’s Friend is powered by Noah technology, the product of a two-year collaboration with Cambridge computer scientists. This partnership has enabled us to develop complex, innovative systems that are far ahead of anything else in the market.

Unmatched Quality and Truthfulness

Uncompromising Authenticity & Assurance

Redefining News Curation with Trust and Truth

In a world where fake news can spread rapidly, Noah stands as a beacon of truth, offering a platform where every article is a testament to verified, authentic journalism. Join us in redefining the standards of news curation, where trust and truth are not just ideals, but realities

Redefining News Curation with Trust and Truth