Quality Ranking

Setting the gold standard in news authenticity.

In the realm of news curation, the Noah technology that powers us, is leading the charge in delivering not just news and content, but confidence in its authenticity and quality. Our distinctive approach distinguishes us from AI-driven news aggregators. We don’t rely on generic content generation methods; instead, our platform is the culmination of a pioneering two-year partnership with Cambridge computer scientists. This collaboration has spawned a system that is both complex and innovative, placing us years ahead.

Uncompromising Authenticity & Assurance

Editor’s Friend’s dedication to quality is evident in the acclaim our articles receive. Through comparative assessments, we consistently outperform traditional news sources, establishing ourselves as a beacon of excellence. Our performance on the revered ‘Beehive’ app further solidifies our reputation, as our articles surpass even top-tier publishers like The Guardian. Behind this success lies our meticulous testing process on noah-news.com, ensuring each piece of content meets our high standards.

Rigorous verification process for algorithmically sourced news

Algorithmically sourced news undergoes a rigorous verification process at Noah, involving cross-checking against 15 triple-A-rated news sources across 36 countries.

Approval by trusted sources

Approval for content is reserved only for articles verified by at least three trusted sources, reinforcing our commitment to authenticity and reliability.

Elevating news standards

This “Quality Ranking” approach is our commitment to not only delivering top-tier news content but also to establishing a new benchmark in news authenticity. With us, you’re not just reading the news; you’re engaging with a platform that is synonymous with trust, reliability, and unparalleled quality. Every article is a benchmark of excellence in journalism.