Total control
Filter out the irrelevant

Our sophisticated AI monitors and tags all the news, everywhere, in incredible detail. Simply set your content filters to any kind of news or specialist subject, and wait for your bespoke articles to appear.

Welcome to a world where you’re in complete control of your news narrative. With our intelligent tagging system, you can effortlessly categorise content across a multitude of sectors and topics, creating bespoke news streams that cater to your unique needs. This not only streamlines your workflow but also allows you to dive deeper into stories, adding invaluable insights through interviews and investigative pieces that AI alone could never achieve.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Flexibility: Noah's Plug-and-Play Solutions.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with our Dynamic Dashboard.

Imagine having a dashboard that not only keeps you updated but also puts you ahead of the curve in any field, be it business, culture, global politics, or even the nuanced world of ‘fintech’ through to ‘royal affairs’. Our AI powered by Noah, harnesses the latest in trending algorithms and location-specific data to ensure that you’re not just following the news – you’re leading it.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with our Dynamic Dashboard.

You are in control.

In essence, Editor’s Friend is more than just a news platform; it’s a tool that puts you firmly in the driver’s seat, offering total control over how you discover, curate, and present your news. Welcome to the future of news curation, where you are in command.