Former President Donald Trump is reportedly considering appointing tech mogul Elon Musk as a formal adviser if he wins the 2024 presidential election. The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump and Musk have been in regular contact, often speaking by phone multiple times a month. These discussions have covered topics such as technology, the US Space Force, and voter fraud.

Trump and Musk’s renewed relationship marks a significant shift from their past rivalry. Musk had resigned from a White House advisory council in 2017 after Trump withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. Relations further soured when Trump called Musk a “bullshit artist” in 2022, and Musk suggested Trump should retire from politics.

Their recent conversations began in March at a gathering hosted by billionaire investor Nelson Peltz. Since then, Musk has reportedly advised Trump on various policy issues and considered supporting initiatives critical of President Joe Biden. Despite their differing views on subjects like electric vehicles, Trump and Musk appear to have a mutual interest in technology and conservative policy discussions.

The two may work together on a data-driven project to ensure votes are fairly counted. However, Musk has stated he will not donate to either presidential campaign. The potential advisory role for Musk remains uncertain and is dependent on Trump winning the election.